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Spectrum A&E Media educates students and the public in both the art forms and content of media arts. The content of our productions relates to approved educational curriculum or issues of concern to the community. Each presentation is designed to stimulate reflection, discussion and action on a issue. Most presentations consist of 3 short media productions followed by audience interaction and response.

Current presentations include:
• TAKE IT BACK: Caring for Planet Earth
• NO MORE TURNING AWAY: Caring about Hunger and Poverty
 SEISMIC SHIFT: Spirituality for the Rest of Us

Use us to further your goals in values education, social awareness and media literacy by booking or purchasing a Spectrum presentation for your school or community.

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Spectrum is a resource for both public and religious schools and organizations. There is a remarkable similarity between the values needed for a civil, just and caring society, which every school seeks to instill, and the values promoted by many faith communities. Spectrum focuses on the common ground between values that make us more human and values that make us more spiritual. Current productions promote care, respect, compassion and responsibility.

Join us in helping schools and communities encourage social responsibility and life-enhancing values. Leave a legacy inspiring students and adults to care.