Leave a Legacy:
Help Us Inspire Students and Adults to Care

At the close of life, the question will not be,
How much have you gotten? but How much have you given?
Not How much have you saved? but How much have you sacrificed?
Not How much were you honored? but How much have you loved and served?

Nathan Schaeffer
quoted in No More Turning Away

Art is an act of the soul, not the intellect. When we are dealing with people’s dreams—their visions, really—we are in the realm of the sacred. We are meant to midwife dreams for one another. We cannot labor in place of one another, but we can support the labor that each must undertake to birth his or her art and foster it to maturity.

As artists, we must find those who believe in us, and in whom we believe, and band together for support, encouragement and protection.

Julia Cameron
The Artist’s Way

Keep up the great work! You will never know the full impact of your efforts, but a few years down the road you will hear adults say, “I got my interest in community service by watching No More Turning Away in grade 8.”

Wilf Flavell, past Assistant Governor
Rotary District 6330

In his book, First Things First, Stephen Covey says that our deepest needs—and what should be our primary goals in life—are “to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.”

Through Spectrum Artistic and Educational Media you can leave a legacy of inspiring students and adults to care. Whether you encourage them to care about hunger and poverty, the environment, or social justice, your support will enable Spectrum, in partnership with Rotary clubs across Canada, to challenge and inspire students to make a real difference in our world. Besides encouraging every student who sees a Spectrum presentation to do what he or she can about the issue, you could inspire the next Craig Kielburger (who founded Free The Children at age 12), the next Paul Harris (who founded Rotary International), the next David Suzuki, or even the next Bill and Melinda Gates.

What kind of partner or donor would you like to be?

1. Program partner or donor

Helping with Spectrum’s charitable programs and operating expenses, especially financial support for Spectrum’s producer-director-presenter.

After producing Spectrum’s multimedia slide presentations, Spectrum’s producer-director tried his best to build a business stream of income in affordable housing to support the work of Spectrum and transfer the productions to DVD. After watching one of his properties catch fire and six months of work go up in smoke, he realized he couldn’t do both. He needed to partner with other individuals or organizations that shared his passion, or the dream of getting these presentations into schools across Canada would die. Partnership works both ways. By providing funding for what Spectrum does, you in turn can have an impact on people you might otherwise not have the time or expertise to reach.

2. Production partner or donor

Helping with the production costs of a Spectrum presentation, especially transferring it to DVD so it can be use as widely as possible, then updating it every few years.

For more information about our current partners, especially Rotary clubs of District 6330 and Zone 24, and the kind of production partners we still need, go to Inspiring Students to Care.

3. Presentation partner or donor

Helping to make Spectrum’s presentations available to schools and communities across Canada and the United States, either live or on DVD.

Presentation partners can help in one of two ways:
a) By underwriting the sale price of a DVD ($29), you can enable schools and school boards to receive a DVD even if they have no budget for it.
b) By underwriting the cost of a live presentation (see Booking a Presentation), schools that can’t afford to bring in Spectrum for an assembly or classroom presentation can do so.

If sporting events like the Olympics and cultural events like Caribana are worth supporting, how much more the production and distribution of multimedia presentations that encourage people to respond to those in need and the environment. Help us inspire and motivate students and adults across North America towards the character traits of caring, compassion and responsibility. All donations are tax-deductible.