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History & Personnel

Spectrum A&E Media was established in 1980 under the name Spectrum Productions as a non-profit media resource for students and educators in Canada. With roots in Western Canada, it served as a division of Inter-Varsity from 1982-90 and a project of Imago from 1991-94. In 1992 it was incorporated as Spectrum Artistic and Educational Media Association (Spectrum A&E Media, for short) and in 1994 received its own charitable registration.

As a non-profit charity, Spectrum has 3 purposes:
1. To educate and increase the public's appreciation of media arts.
2. To promote the role of media arts in education, especially the media of photography, video, music videos and multimedia.
3. To provide artistic media presentations that educate and promote an understanding of issues of concern to the community.
Our primary mandate is working with schools and other registered charities.

Spectrum’s history can be divided into 3 chapters. Chapter 1, during the 1980s, focused on Exploring Values and Beliefs. Under IVCF, Spectrum produced and presented two 3-screen, 9-projector multimedia presentations. One of these, In Search of a Sun: An Inquiry into Values, was presented 500 times to nearly 100,000 people in all 10 provinces. Whenever possible it was shown with its sequel, first Between Reflections, then Say It Isn’t True: An Inquiry into Faith.

Chapter 2, in the 1990s, saw Spectrum become an independent artistic and educational media resource with an expanded mandate, Probing Values, Beliefs and Social Concerns. We further described our work as ‘Fostering a Civil, Just and Caring Society.’ Our media format shifted to 3-projector, wide-screen presentations followed by audience interaction and response. From 1990 to 2001, Spectrum produced and gave 900 presentations of Take It Back: Caring for Planet Earth, Dear God: Barriers and Bridges to Faith, and No More Turning Away: Caring about Hunger and Poverty to 220,000 students and adults in 8 provinces.

Keith Martin, Spectrum Media

Chapter 3 began in 2002 with the goal of Fostering Social Responsibility and Spiritual Awareness. By ‘spiritual’ we mean whatever encourages and sustains the human spirit, especially that which promotes goodness and compassion in our world. In 2009 we revised our goal to Fostering Values That Enhance Life.

Our initial focus was on providing opportunities for conversation around media (books, music and movies) that explore a progressive understanding of life and spirituality. With Inspiring Students To Care, a program in partnership with Rotary Clubs of District 6330 and Zone 24, we updated and transferred No More Turning Away and Take It Back to DVD, placing 1100 DVDs in 42 school boards in 6 provinces across Canada.

In 2014 we produced Seismic Shift: Spirituality for the Rest of Us, a multimedia resource for exploring spirituality with university students and adults.

Since 2014 Spectrum has sponsored Keith Martin as a nonreligious chaplain at U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph, expanding Spectrum's presence on the university campus. 

Spectrum is directed by Keith Martin and a Board of arts, education, media, community and business people.Board members of spectrum media
Current board members include Sue Askin (chair), Bev Garinger (secretary), and Rob Ritchie.

Previous board members who served for at least 2 years include Bill McKenzie, Paul Bruer, Bonnie Jacob, Tom Robitaille, Michael Atkins, Nick Torra, James Puttick, Glenn Toering Boyes, Milt Reynolds, Phil Taylor, Marianne Karsh, Nolan Lee, Andrew Chisholm, Lisa Chisholm-Smith, Greg Allen, David Cranton, George Meisner, John Sharp, Bruce Clemenger, Tom Balke, Carolyn Martin, Gerald Vandezande, and Jo Yousif.

Darrell Martin served as art director from 1995-2001.