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What a fantastic presentation! Your thought-provoking images and upbeat music created a spellbound audience. I highly recommend your multimedia presentation.

Diana Dibblee
Eastern Shore District High, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS

“Take It Back” was professional, well-researched, beautifully put together and appealing to youth. The message was strong without being preachy.

Zannetta Varley
St. Margaret’s School, Victoria, BC

What Spectrum does is priceless both for the audiences that witness your presentations as well as those of us charged with the responsibility of providing good programming for youth. Spectrum is a wonderful resource!

Jack Jardeleza
Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Kingston, ON

Your work is first class and carries such forceful and important messages that need to be heard by many people, adults as well as students.

Robert Kruse
The Jubilee Charitable Trust, Halifax, NS

New definitions--that's what Spectrum means to me. Through light, sound, image and expression, my artificial, safe boundaries concerning faith, culture and values are challenged. Thanks for making that struggle happen in the unique way of Spectrum.

Nolan Lee, Toronto, ON

Spectrum is a place where honesty, true painful honesty, is accepted and encouraged.

James Puttick, Toronto, ON

After reviewing the DVD and materials that you provided at our recent Community Relations Council meeting, we have determined that we would be able to use the material in secondary school education to support our character development focus.

Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education
Bluewater District School Board, ON

I just reviewed your DVD and it is absolutely fabulous! I believe our intermediate students would definitely benefit from viewing this resource.

Lori Lynn Stapleton, Curriculum Coordinator
Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board

"Take It Back" is a superb piece of work with an exceptionally helpful viewing guide that would enable Grade 7-12 teachers to effectively address issues related to care and protection of the environment. By 'effectively' I mean the use of current information, engaging images, text, and music, and with a context of active, caring, responsible, and respectful citizenship.

Ron Ballentine, Coordinator Environmental Education, Science and Technology
Halton District School Board

It is heart-warming to see the responses and the number of Rotary clubs that have signed on. I salute you--you have the spirit!

John Eberhard, Executive Director
CRCID (Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development)

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