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Creative, engaging media resources
for exploring values, beliefs and social concerns of our day

Welcome to Spectrum A&E Media.

Spectrum Artistic & Educational Media is a non-profit, registered charity promoting media arts in education. Our mission is to provide schools and registered charities with artistic and educational media that foster life-enhancing values.

We offer creative, engaging multimedia resources for exploring values, beliefs and social concerns of our day. Among the issues we address are the environment, hunger and poverty, social justice, and spirituality. Spectrum’s programs are designed to foster values that enhance life, such as care, respect and responsibility, enabling us to assist both public and separate schools with their commitment to character development.

Spectrum specializes in the art form of multimedia, integrating photography, music, graphics and text. Our productions are now available on DVD, or for in-house online media libraries, to use in your school or community. Each year a limited number of live presentations, with a presenter and presentation equipment, are also available.

Since 2014 Spectrum has sponsored Spectrum's director, Keith Martin, as a nonreligious chaplain at two Canadian universities, U. of Waterloo and U. of Guelph, expanding Spectrum's presence on the university campus. In September 2018 a new website was launched, www.GoodButNotReligious.ca, focusing on Keith's chaplaincy on campus and online, including resources for being and doing good.

Again, welcome to Spectrum, where you will find resources to challenge and inspire your school or community towards life-enhancing values.

Examining the full range of what people believe in . . .
Reflecting sights and sounds in a clear pattern and progression of thought . . .
Bringing people together to think and talk about the purpose of life . . .
Shedding light on what it means to be human—physically, socially, spiritually.
This is Spectrum.

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